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Micro Spiralling Tool

Micro Spiralling Tool With surface decoration and small intricate work being ever more popular this new Spiralling tool covers all options.

Like the existing Robert Sorby Spiralling System, this tool incorporates a tool rest to ensure the correct angle is maintained when producing fine delicate spirals. 
The system comprises of an aluminum handle, micro spiralling head (shaft and tool rest), two micro spiral cutters (fine and medium), two Allen key and an instruction leaflet.

In addition, there is a texturing cutter for those wishing to decorate miniature projects.

Micro Spiralling System CompleteB370A
Includes 2 Cutters
Texturing Cutter B370/03
(for decorating miniature projects)

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18 Piece Modular Micro Turning Box Set

18 Piece Modular Micro Turning Box Set

The 18 piece modular micro box set (888HS18T) is the perfect gift for any woodturner. For those specializing in turning pens and other small objects and forms, this is the ultimate collector's piece.This all-inclusive set carries the full range of blades and attachments for the most comprehensive micro system on the market today. The set also comes with additional texturing and spiralling cutters for decorating turned pieces quickly and easily, as well as a selection of abrasive discs for the micro Sandmaster finishing tool. Tools are set in a high density micro foam layer and presented in a beautiful Robert Sorby presentation box making this a perfect gift or present for yourself.



Sandmaster Instructions

Hollower Set Instructions

Muti Scraper Instructions

Spiral Tool Instructions

Spindle Set Instructions
18 Piece Kit Includes:
  • Aluminum Module Handle
  • Micro 1/2" (13mm) Spindle Master
  • Micro 1/2" (13mm) Roughing Gouge
  • Micro 1/16" (2mm) Parting Tool
  • Micro 1/2" (13mm) Gouge
  • Micro 5/32" (4mm) Beading & Parting Tool
  • Micro Boring Tool
  • Micro Swan Neck Hollowing Tool
  • Micro 1/4" (6mm) Skew
  • Micro Round Nose Scraper
  • Micro Curved Undercut Scraper
  • Micro French Curve Scraper
  • Micro Diamond Undercut Scraper
  • Micro Sandmaster Tool Unhandled
    (with abrasive asst: 2ea. 120,180, 240 & 400 Grit)
  • Micro Spiralling Tool Unhandled
    (Includes 3 cutters: 370/01, 370/02 & 370/03)
  • 1/4" (6mm) Spindle Gouge
  • Micro Shear Scraper
  • Hollowing Tool
  • Round Skew
  • instruction sheets.
No. Description
18 Piece Modular Micro Turning Box Set 888HS18T





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