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Spiralling System Complete Handled

Spiralling System Complete Handled

Adding such decorations as spirals to turned pieces was once the domain of the privileged. Now you can venture into this field and create spirals to your hearts content. The Robert Sorby Spiralling System unhandled is a further development on the texturing tool and is used to create both left and right handed spirals with ease. It features an innovative rest with indexed reference positions, which enable the replication of the spirals. Differing pitch and twist profiles are made possible by altering the presentation angle of the cutter or by changing the cutter to a different one.
The texturing tool is part of the system as well as a graduated rest, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm spiralling cutters. With these you can spiral goblets, candle holders, boxes, vases, bowls and spillikins. We also offer a Micro Spiralling Tool which is ideal for decorating those small or fine projects. It can also be used to provide a variety of textures. Useful Tip: Sharpening the cutters is easy. Just place the cutter in the vertical position up against a revolving piece of work and apply a diamond file flat on the bevel. This will keep the cutter in top condition.

Spiralling System Includes:

  • Spiraling Tool
  • 2mm V-Cut Spiral Cutter
  • 4mm U-Cut Spiral Cutter
  • 6mm U-Cut Spiral Cutter
  • 6mm Texturing Cutter
  • Allen Wrench
  • Instructions
Spiralling System Complete Handled Video

Link to PDF Instructions
Item# Description Price Quantity
Spiralling System Complete Handled - 330H
Includes 4 Cutters

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Spiralling System Unhandled

Spiraling System Unhandled

The Spiralling System Unhandled has the same features has the Handled version (#11092), but without the handle. This Spiralling system allows you to create your own unique handle.

This System can also be used with:

  • Robert Sorby Sovereign System Handle

  • Robert Sorby Sovereign Ultima Handle

Spiralling System Includes:

  • Unhandled Spiraling Tool
  • 2mm V-Cut Spiral Cutter
  • 4mm U-Cut Spiral Cutter
  • 6mm U-Cut Spiral Cutter
  • Texturing Cutter
  • Allen Wrench
  • Instructions
Item# Description Price Quantity
Spiralling System Unhandled - 330S
Includes 4 Cutters

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Micro Spiralling Tool

Micro Spiralling Tool With surface decoration and small intricate work being ever more popular this new Spiralling tool covers all options.

Like the existing Robert Sorby Spiralling System, this tool incorporates a tool rest to ensure the correct angle is maintained when producing fine delicate spirals. 
The system comprises of an aluminum handle, micro spiralling head (shaft and tool rest), two micro spiral cutters (fine and medium), Allen key and an instruction leaflet.

In addition, there is a Optional texturing cutter for those wishing to decorate miniature projects.
Micro Spiralling Tool Micro Spiralling Tool close up Micro Spiralling Tool in use Micro Spiralling Tool in use

Item# Description Price Quantity
Micro Spiralling System Complete - B370A
Includes 2 Cutters
Texturing Cutter - B370/03
(for decorating miniature projects)

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Chatter Tool

Chatter Tool

Chattertool patterns add a neat, random decoration on end grain like box lids. These are created by using the Robert Sorby chattertool which comes with two different double-ended chattering tips and a handy scraper cutter. One chattertool tip (RS220) has a straight and a pointed end, the second (RS221) has a convex and a concave half-round end. 

Chatter patterns are created by causing the spring steel tips to vibrate against the wood can be changed by altering the variables:

  • the type of wood
  • whether working on, below or above center
  • the speed of the lathe
  • the amount the tip extends from the chattertool
  • the shape of the chattertool tip

    This random nature enables the turner to produce some exquisite, yet unique decorations. Such decorations can enhance even the blandest of wood. 
    The scraper cutter (RS222) is teardrop shaped and so has three very different shaped working faces to make it a highly versatile addition to the tool kit. 

    Useful tip: When sharpening the chatter cutters always make sure to raise a burr. You can always tell when these are working well as they produce a high pitched whining noise. The HSS scraper cutter is sharpened with a diamond file or hone (RS224).

    Chatter Tool Kit Includes:

    • Chatter Tool
    • Chatter Tool Holder
    • Sqaure / PointedChatter Cutter
    • Dome / Hollow Chatter Cutter
    • Scraper Cutter
    • Screws for Scraper
    • Allen Wrench
    • Instructions
    Chatter Tool Chatter Tool on lathe Chatter Tool project images

    Video to Sorby Chatter Tool

    Chattertool Instruction Link

    Chatter Tool Instructions
    Item# Description Price Quantity
    Chatter Tool - RS215KT

    Robert Sorby Index
    Captive Ring Tool

    Captive Ring Tool

    This set of Robert Sorby Captive Ring Tools comes with tips capable of producing 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" rings. These can be used on the stems or spindles of projects or may be used in their own right as items of jewellery, napkin rings, curtain ring or even wheels.
    The set (ref 805HS) enables the turner to cut rings of the four above mentioned sizes with just one tool simply by switching over the tips. The tips themselves are finely honed to ensure a clean cut ever time. Further help is given by the inclusion of comprehensive user instructions.

    Sharpening is easily completed by simply honing with a diamond file or hone.

    Set Includes:

    • Captive Ring Tool
    • 3/16" Captive Ring Tip
    • 1/4" Captive Ring Tip
    • 3/8" Captive Ring Tip
    • 1/2" Captive Ring Tip
    • Alan Wrench
    • Instructions
    Captive Ring Tool Captive Ring Tool close up Captive Ring Tool working
    Item# Description Price Quantity
    Captive Ring Tool - A805HS

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    Thread Cutting Sets

    Thread Cutting Sets

    The perfect tool for making screw tight lids on boxes and caskets. This fascinating and practical aspect of woodturning, includes a range of cutting tool sets that have been produced from High Speed Steel in 16 and 20 threads per inch (TPI). They have been designed with a unique, enhanced helix angle specially designed for use in wood. For those attempting their first steps in thread cutting, we recommend starting with the finer tooth pitch set. Thread Cutting Sets consist of a pair of thread cutters (one for internal cuts and one for cutting matching external threads), a thread and sizing gauge (which takes out the guess work out of dimensioning) and the Focus on Specialist Woodturning Tools Part 3 DVD. This informative DVD covers tool use and showcases a series of graded projects. It also includes an introduction to the Eccentric chuck.

    These Sets Include:

    • Thread Cutters in pairs of 16tpi or 20tpi
      The pair include:
      • 1 ea. External Cutter
      • 1 ea. Internal Cutter
    • Sizing Gauge for Thread Diameters
    • Eccentric Chuck DVD
    Thread Cutting Sets Thread Cutting Sets Thread Cutting Sets Robert Sorby Thread Cutting Tool Video
    Item# Description Price Quantity
    16 TPI Thread Cutting Set - 89HS16
    20 TPI Thread Cutting Set - 89HS20

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    18 Piece Modular Micro Turning Box Set

    The 18 piece modular micro box set (888HS18T) is the perfect gift for any woodturner. For those specializing in turning pens and other small objects and forms, this is the ultimate collector's piece.This all-inclusive set carries the full range of blades and attachments for the most comprehensive micro system on the market today. The set also comes with additional texturing and spiralling cutters for decorating turned pieces quickly and easily, as well as a selection of abrasive discs for the micro Sandmaster finishing tool. Tools are set in a high density micro foam layer and presented in a beautiful Robert Sorby presentation box making this a perfect gift or present for yourself.



    Sandmaster Instructions

    Hollower Set Instructions

    Muti Scraper Instructions

    Spiral Tool Instructions

    Spindle Set Instructions
    18 Piece Kit Includes:
    • Aluminum Module Handle
    • Micro 1/2" (13mm) Spindle Master
    • Micro 1/2" (13mm) Roughing Gouge
    • Micro 1/16" (2mm) Parting Tool
    • Micro 1/2" (13mm) Gouge
    • Micro 5/32" (4mm) Beading & Parting Tool
    • Micro Boring Tool
    • Micro Swan Neck Hollowing Tool
    • Micro 1/4" (6mm) Skew
    • Micro Round Nose Scraper
    • Micro Curved Undercut Scraper
    • Micro French Curve Scraper
    • Micro Diamond Undercut Scraper
    • Micro Sandmaster Tool Unhandled
      (with abrasive asst: 2ea. 120,180, 240 & 400 Grit)
    • Micro Spiralling Tool Unhandled
      (Includes 3 cutters: 370/01, 370/02 & 370/03)
    • 1/4" (6mm) Spindle Gouge
    • Micro Shear Scraper
    • Hollowing Tool
    • Round Skew
    • instruction sheets.
    Item# Description Price Quantity
    18 Piece Modular Micro Turning Box Set - 888HS18T

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