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Bench Dogs

Kreg Bench Dogs

These simple 3/4" reinforced nylon Bench Dogs will help make your next project easier. Included with each Bench Dog is a solid rubber Bench Brake that can be placed on top of the Bench Dog for a solid, non-slip work surface – perfect for routing and sanding.


  • Squared clamping pad for secure hold
  • Great for routing, cutting, and sanding
  • Place in Bench Dog or directly in bench
  • Fits standard 3/4"-diameter Bench Dog hole
  • Bench Brakes press in place for solid, non-slip work surface
Kreg Bench Dogs Kreg Bench Dogs Kreg Bench Dogs Kreg Bench Dogs
Item# Description Price Quantity
Kreg® Bench Dogs - 4 Pack KKS1070

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Jorgensen Bench Dogs 2 pack

Round Bench Dogs are suitable additions to any existing or new workbench. By drilling 3/4˝ holes at regular intervals, you can turn the top of our bench into a versatile clamping table. Our round bench dogs are milled from aluminum stock with a side spring to support height adjustment. The face is cross hatched faces, off set several degrees from the vertical to firmly hold your work. They are 4-3/4˝ long with a 11/16" x 1-1/4˝ work face and suitable for benches up to 4˝ thick.

sold in pairs.

Item# Description Price Quantity
Jorgensen Bench Dogs 2 pack

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Low-Profile Bench Dog

Low-Profile Bench Dog

The low profile bench dogs fit neatly into 3/4" holes on workbenches to create a stop on the opposite end of your vise. They are a perfect solution for sanding, planing or just holding stock on your work bench. The low profile will let you work standard 1/2" or thicker stock without getting in the way of your tool. The low profile bench dogs with wide jaws attached exceeds four square inches of pressure, which virtually eliminates any risk of marking the wood. The wide jaws slide easily over the top of the low profile bench dogs and are fastened by two standard screws which are included in the low profile bench dog with wide jaw package.

#1534 Includes:
4 ea. Low-Profile Bench Dogs

#1535 Includes:
4 ea. Low-Profile Bench Dogs
4 ea. Wide Jaws

Item# Description Price Quantity
Low-Profile Bench Dog 4 pack
Low-Profile Bench Dog with Wide Jaws (8pc Pack)

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