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Complete Guide to Finishing
by Wood Magazine

Complete Guide to Finishing

On this comprehensive disc, you will learn...

  • Select the right finish for your furniture.
  • Prepare your project for a flawless finish.
  • Stain and dye wood for blotch-free results.
  • Achieve perfect results on painted projects.
  • Repair damaged furniture finishes.
  • Apply pros' favorite finishes.

Included on this info-packed disc:

  • More than 100 fact-filled finishing articles.
  • Instructions for more than two dozen finishes.
  • 7 videos showing finishing techniques.
Item# Description Price Quantity
10816 Complete Guide to Finishing $29.95

Wood Finishing
with Frank Klausz

Wood Finishing with Frank Klausz

A master woodworker covers the essential techniques.

Nothing completes a woodworking project like a beautiful, durable finish. In this tape, expert cabinetmaker Frank Klausz shows you how to choose the right finish and how to apply it.

You will learn about:

  • Preparing the surface
  • Sharpening a scraper
  • Sanding
  • Stripping
  • Applying a tung-oil finish
  • Completing the finish
  • Oiling intricate pieces
  • Staining
  • Spray lacquering
  • Varnishing
  • French polishing
Item# Description Price Quantity
3282 Wood Finishing with Frank Klausz $15.99

Wood Finishing Basics
with Michael Dresdner

Wood Finishing Basics DVD
with Michael Dresdner

Surface prep, wipe-on and spray finishing, and a visit with a finishing expert

In this DVD, finishing expert Michael Dresdner shows you what you need to know to become a proficient wood finisher, starting with classic surface-prep problems and their solutions -- how to recognize and remove dents, how to recognize and fill gouges, how to pre-raise wood grain to get the best results under waterborne finishes, and, most important, how to sand wood.

You'll learn how to apply a simple wax finish, shellac-and-wax, and a polyurethane with only a rag for a tool. It's a simple process: rag on your finish, wipe it off, let it dry, recoat. You’ve got to see this to learn how little you have to do to get a classy, silky, surface that’s ideal for most indoor furniture.

Item# Description Price Quantity
1882 Wood Finishing Basics with Michael Dresdner $15.99

Finishing Made Simple
with Jim Heavey

Finishing Made Simple
with Jim Heavey

Jim Heavey has been educating and inspiring audiences from coast to coast at The Woodworking Shows for 8 years running. Now you can bring Jim into your own home with these info-packed video DVD's featuring his best tips and techniques for woodworking success. Jim’s easy-to-follow approach will change your shop ways—and results—forever!

On this info-filled DVD you’ll learn...

  • How to choose and use sandpaper to prep for finish
  • Matching your stain color from end grain to face grain
  • Perfect topcoats with a brush or sprayer, AND MUCH MORE!

Nobody wants to build an heirloom project, and then blow it at the finishing stage. In this video, WOOD® magazine’s Jim Heavey shows you the ins and outs of finishing that will bring a new level of perfection to your projects. From preparation of the wood, to staining, to applying topcoats, you’ll gain finishing confidence you never thought possible. Jim even makes HVLP (high-volume, low pressure) spraying a breeze as you learn his simple techniques for adjusting the finish and applying a smooth and consistent coating.

Item# Description Price Quantity
1854 Finishing Made Simple with Jim Heavey $19.95

Hand Applied Finishes
by Jeff Jewitt

Hand Applied Finishes DVD
by Jeff Jewitt

Get perfect hand-applied finishes, with technique advice from a pro finisher.

Simple tools and the correct techniques are all it takes to produce flawless finishes by hand. This DVD combines two videos: Hand–Applied Finishes: Coloring Wood and Hand–Applied Finishes: Applying Topcoats to offer a complete video guide to these time-tested techniques.

You'll learn about:

  • Preparing surfaces
  • Using pore fillers
  • Mixing stains
  • Brushing on varnish
  • Using pad laquer and shellac
  • Applying French polish
  • Rubbing out a finish
Item# Description Price Quantity
3297 Hand Applied Finishes DVD by Jeff Jewitt $15.99

Refinishing Furniture
by Bob Flexner

Discover the secrets of refinishing fine furniture

With Refinishing Furniture, you can put your fine-finishing skills to work. Expert woodworker Bob Flexner gives you the working knowledge you need of the practical and decorative aspects of refinishing. He shows you when to rejuvenate an old finish, how to remove a finish that has failed, and how to finish all your fine furniture.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Strip finish and repair the surface
  • Seal and fill
  • Stain with pigments, dyes, and chemicals
  • Glaze for unique effects
  • Adjust and repair finishes

The next best thing to a private lesson. Refinishing Furniture takes you right into expert woodworker Bob Flexner's shop for an unforgettable 65-minute lesson. You'll see firsthand exactly how to do the work-- the tools, the techniques, and the subtle rhythms of each process.

Impossible to miss a single step! Go directly to the chapter you want to watch and replay it as often as you want. Master it before you move on!

Item# Description Price Quantity
9813 Refinishing Furniture DVD by Bob Flexner $15.99

Rough Cut - Finishes
with Tommy Mac

Rough Cut - Finishes

DVD + Printed Plans

In Finishes, Tommy provides detailed project instructions for work requiring a finishing technique. He visits the shop of Christine Thomson, a period finisher working out of Salem, Massachusetts, and is paid a visit by Mark Libby, a fellow Canton, Massachusetts, resident and local finisher.

Item# Description Price Quantity
9822 Rough Cut - Finishes $19.99

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