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Franmar Chemical Provides Effective Economical Safe Cleaning Solutions for Woodworkers Including Soy Based Paint Removers & More!


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Want a better way to remove paints, urethanes, acrylics, epoxies, and enamels without the back-breaking work of sanding and chiseling? Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans, SOY Gel does all that and more. Throw out the sand paper and put away the knee pads. Just put some SOYGel on the coating to be removed, allowing you to work on another project. Let SOYGel do the work, not you! Within minutes you can see the power of SOYGel start to lift the coatings, all while you spend time on other tasks. Not sure how many coats need to be removed? SOY Gel doesn't care. One coat, five coats, twenty coats, SOY Gel will remove them all and leave you smiling. In addition Soy Gel goes a long way, with one gallon giving you up to 200 sq. ft. coverage. That's THREE times the coverage of most traditional strippers!! With SOY Gel you won't have to deal with harsh odors that we all know so well with other strippers. No odor SOY Gel is the perfect helper for anyone wanting to remove paints, urethanes, and enamels.

Easily Remove MULTIPLE LAYERS of:

  • Very effective paint remover for paints, urethane, enamels, sealers, some epoxies, and many other coatings
  • Non-caustic, biodegradable, no toxic fumes
  • Removes multiple layers in one application
  • SAFE! No methylene chloride. Eco friendly
  • Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans
  • Safe for use indoors in your family's home
Item# Description Price Quantity
Soy Gel™ Paint & Urathane Stripper - 1 quart
Soy Gel™ Paint & Urathane Stripper - 1 Gallon
Soy Gel™ Paint & Urathane Stripper- 2-1/2 Gallons

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Emerge Cleaner & Degreaser Consentrate

Removing floor tile and carpet mastic can be a messy job, but you can't beat the sense of accomplishment when the job is done! To guarantee that the floor is absolutely pristine clean or to prep for a new surface, there is nothing better than a final rinse with our EMERGE. Use EMERGE to clean hard surfaces, parts and tools, or as a parts washer solution. Removes dirt and grim easily leaving you with a smile of satisfaction.

EMERGE is a versatile, concentrated cleaner for cleaning a multitude of hard surfaces. Clean oil, grease, dirt and grime from asphalt, concrete, metal and painted walls. EMERGE has less than 0.5% VOCs, is safe to use, is environmentally friendly and ideal for any cleaning job!

Item# Description Price Quantity
Emerge Cleaner & Degreaser Consentrate - Quart

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Kleen Again™
Brush & Spray Gun Cleaner Quart

Kleen Again™

Kleen-Again easily and safely removes wet or hardened oil and latex paints, stains, urethanes, varnishes and enamels from brushes and spray guns. Made from soybeans, Kleen-Again is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and cleans without the odors associated with traditional brush and gun cleaners.

Item# Description Price Quantity
Kleen Again™ Brush & Spray Gun Cleaner Quart KAQTWD

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