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Acid Glue Brushes

Acid Glue Brush

These quality brushes are indispensable tools for evenly spreading glue, paste, grease or other substances found in the woodworking shop. Metal handles are coated in tin plate, and are clinched to firmly hold long stiff bristles.

Acid Glue Brushes Come in:

  • 12 Piece
  • 72 Piece
  • 144 Piece
Item# Description Price Quantity
12 Piece Acid Glue Brushes
72 Piece Acid Glue Brushes
144 Piece Acid Glue Brushes

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6 Piece Glue Spreader Kit

6 Piece Glue Spreader Kit

These spreaders have been used in the general craft market for years, where they are used to apply glue to felts, paper, card board, etc, or for working with thick paints to create special patterns. The tip is flexible and can be used with various amounts of pressure. Glue won’t stick to the polypropylene plastic and dried glue just chips off . The Glue Spreader kit comes in a convenient 6 pack of multi colored spreaders / applicators.

Includes 6 Spreaders:

  • 2 ea. Red Spreaders
  • 2 ea. Green Spreaders
  • 2 ea. Yellow Spreaders
Item# Description Price Quantity
6 Piece Glue Spreader Kit

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The Non-Stick Glue Brush


Apply wood glue quickly and easily with the Sili-Brush non-stick glue brush. The Sili-Brush is designed to be used over and over again without having to purchase extra brushes like you would with typical brushes. The silicone bristles make applying glue and cleanup of the brush a breeze. Once you finish applying glue, simply rinse the brush head off with warm soap and water and you are ready to re-use the Sili-Brush. A BONUS 1/2" brush tip is included for working glue into narrow areas like rabbet joints and dados. The tips are easy to swap out by simply popping the heads off and on as needed. The paddle end of the brush is ideal for tight areas such as finger joints, mortises and even dovetail joints. Fully dried wood or polyurethane glue cracks and peels right off the non-stick bristles and head. Will work with most woodworking glues.


  • Use the Sili Brush™ over & over
  • Cleanup is a breeze
  • Paddle End for extra tight areas
  • Wood glue dries, cracks and peels of bristles
  • Works with most polyurethane glues
  • Waterproof Design


  • 1 ea. Sili-Brush Handle with Spreader
  • 1 ea. 1" Brush Tip - for large areas
  • 1 ea. 1/2" Brush Tip - for tight areas
Sili-Brush™ Sili-Brush™ Sili-Brush™ Sili-Brush™
Sili-Brush™ Sili-Brush™ Sili-Brush™ Sili-Brush™

Item# Description Price Quantity
Sili-Brush™ - The Non-Stick Glue Brush

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Dowel / Biscuit Glue-Up Tool


Sili-Sticks™ are great for getting glue in dowels holes and biscuit slots. They also work for other glue-ups where brushes just don't do the job. Non-Stick Tips - The Dowel and Biscuit Tips are both made from silicone so if wood or polyurethane glue dries on the tips, it will simply crack and peel off. Works with most woodworking glues. With it's water proof design, simply rinse or soak thoroughly with warm water when glue is still wet for easy cleanup.





Package includes:

  • 2 ea. Sili-Stiks™

Sili-Stik™ Sili-Stik™ Sili-Stik™ Sili-Stik™
Item# Description Price Quantity
Sili-Stick™ Dowel & Biscuit Glue-Up Tool

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Titebond® Titebrush®

Titebond Titebrush is a durable glue brush with 100% silicone bristles and a plastic handle built to last. It’s ideal for use with most woodworking and polyurethane glues eliminating the need for disposable brushes, fingers and other spreading tools. When finished let glue dry and simply peel or riffle the bristles for easy cleanup.

  • Brush: Ideal for edge and face gluing, as well as general applications.
  • Paddle: Ideal for finer detail work, such as mortise and tenon, dovetail and finger joints, as well as moldings.
Item# Description Price Quantity
Titebond® Titebrush®

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