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With the Tormek Sharpening System you can shape a tool exactly to your needs. Even such complicated shapes as fingernail turning gouges, spoon carving gouges and oval skew chisels with a radiused edge are easily sharpened. Once the shape is created, you can resharpen the edge in less than a minute.

Tormek Sharpeneing Systems


T-7 has been upgraded to T-8
The T-7 is discontinued from the manufacture


Tormek Sharpening Jigs


Knife Jig
Long Knife Jig SVM-140 Scissors Jig SVX-150 Axe Jig SVA-170


Short Tool Jig SVS-38
Gouge Jig SVD-185 Multi Jig SVS-50 Tool Rest SVD-110


Square Edge Jig SE-76
Planer Blade Attachment SVH-320    


Tormek Accessories


Truing Tool
Stone Grader
SP-650 Profiled Leather
Honing Wheel LA-120 Angle Master


Turning Tool Setter
Machine Cover
MH-380 Honing Compound
Rotating Base


Bench Grinder
Mounting Set BGM-100
Blackstone Silicon
Grinding stone SB-250 Japanese Waterstone
SJ-250 Tormek Original
Grindstone SG-250


Woodturner's Instruction Box TNT-300 Tormek Handbook


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