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Clamping Squares

Clamping Squares

90° angle can be challenging more often than not. A simple solution is to place a square in the corner of the two stock pieces you need to square and secure with a set of clamps, this however can be frustrating. Now with our Clamping squares, you can do just that without having to find a square thick enough to accept a standard clamp. The clamping squares are 3/4" thick to make clamping and placement a breeze. Each square is made from aluminum and machined with a tolerance of +/- .001. The squares have beveled edges and are anodized to resist staining. The squares are available in two sizes: 2-3/4" and 6" and come in packs of two.

Clamping Squares Clamping Squares Clamping Squares Clamping Squares
Item# Description Price Quantity
2-3/4" Clamping Square 2 pack
6" Clamping Square 2 pack

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3d Corner Square

The 3D Square precisely holds assembly pieces for perfect corners! Use our 3D Square to hold the right angle of any project during assembly and glue-up or other fastening. Clamp corners of bookcases, boxes, any square project. Make your own jigs for miters, tenons, and raised panel doors.


  • Clamp the 3D Square directly into your projects: boxes, drawers, casework, cabinets, frames, bookcases...
  • The 3D Square holds the assembly for you! Your hands are free to place screws, nails, glue, etc
  • Precision right angles every time! Clamp the 3D Square in place to hold any 90 degree project.
  • Construct jigs, use as a miter guide. The 3D Square holds precise corners!

The first 3 dimensional square! And the first assembly square on the market. Stamped of 3/16th" aluminum, and machined to a tolerance of .002" along the entire 6" edges for the precision of an engineer's square at a fraction of the cost, and much more versatile! Made in the USA (in Kansas City, Kansas)

Item# Description Price Quantity
3d Corner Square - 2 Pack

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