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Nutcracker Turning Kits

Black Powder Nutcracker Turning Kit

Gray Powder Nutcracker Turning Kit

Note: Wood blank handles not included

Image of Nutcracker with nuts

This strong, heavy-duty kit is a fun way to crack hard, large nuts including walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts and many more. You'll find the handles easy to turn and assemble and your recipient will appreciate the sturdy, long lasting construction. Make two handles from3/4" x 3/4" x 5" blanks. Drill the handles with a 8mm drill bit #PKPARK-8MM and turn between centers. Make the handles longer for more leverage. Epoxy the handles onto the kit for final assembly.



Finish: Black & Gray Powder Coated
Tubes: None
How Turned: Between Centers
Drill Sizes used: 8mm Drill Bit
Skill Level: Average
Blank Size: 2 - 3/4" x 3/4" x 5"
Pieces in Set: 1

Item# Description Price Quantity
7298 Black Powder Nutcracker Turning Kit - PKNCB $5.99
7339 Gray Powder Nutcracker Turning Kit - PKNCS $5.99

HSS Bradpoint Drill Bit

HSS Bradpoint Drill Bits for Tycoon Pen Kits

Brad point drill bits are the best choice for drilling wood and these drill bits are perfect for drilling pen blanks. High Speed Steel for accuracy and sharpness, and feature extra long center point. The center point is actually a continuation of the flutes and bores rather than being pushed through the work piece.

Item# Description Price Quantity
7031 8mm HSS Bradpoint Drill Bit - For Nutcracker Turning Kits $5.99

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