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Complete Illustrated Guide To Tablesaws
by Paul Anthony

Complete Illustrated Guide To Tablesaws

From the most basic techniques to the most advanced procedures, here's the ultimate owner's manual for anyone who uses a tablesaw.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, you'll find all the valuable tips and step-by-step advice you need to master ripping, crosscutting, joint making, and shaping. All made so much easier to learn -- and put into action -- by over 600 useful photos and illustrations.

With many years of experience as a professional woodworker, and as Tools Editor for a leading woodworking magazine, Paul Anthony delivers a wealth of practical information in the most user-friendly format you'll ever find.

All the tricks of the trade are covered in clear, colorful detail.

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1894 Complete Illustrated Guide To Tablesaws $23.99

The Table Saw Book
by Kelly Mehler

The Table Saw Book

Revised and Updated

Kelly Mehler, who makes some of the most beautiful furniture in America, shows how to get the most out of this essential tool. This comprehensive shop reference is now completely revised and updated with new color photography throughout. You'll learn what to look for in choosing a table saw and accessories (including saw blades). He gives valuable tips on setting up a table-saw work area in your shop, and shows how to tune and maintain the saw for smooth, accurate, and safe operation. Mehler also covers the many innovations in tablesaw design and new accessories since the last edition.

By following Mehlers clear, step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to handle oversized and undersized stock and produce precise, repeatable joints and parts. You'll also learn how to build practical jigs and fixtures to improve the safety of your work and get true and accurate cuts every time.

Item# Description Price Quantity
1974 The Table Saw Book $15.99

Working With Tablesaws
by Editors of Fine Woodworking

Working With Tablesaws

The tablesaw is the work horse of the modern wood shop. Peerless at ripping stock, this verastile tool can also crosscut accurately and cut a wide variety of joints. This book covers basic tablesaw operations as well as special tasks like cutting coves. Expert woodworkers also offer advice on tablesaw joinery, dust control, and making jigs.

What's inside:

  • Sawing joint-quality edges
  • Cutting box joints
  • Tablesaw dovetails
  • Shop made tenoning jigs
  • Building extension tables
  • One-stop cutting station
  • Dust proofing a tablesaw
Item# Description Price Quantity
2014 Working With Tablesaws $15.99

Jigs and Fixtures For The Table Saw
by Chris Marshall, Bill Hylton, Woodworker's Journal, John English, Chris Inman

Jigs and Fixtures For The Table Saw

Woodworkers can display their craftsmanship while harnessing the potential of their most important tools with these 26 ingenious projects selected from the pages of Woodworker’s Journal, America’s woodworking authority. For woodworkers of all skill levels, each jig and fixture project will make complicated woodworking techniques easier, faster, and safer

Item# Description Price Quantity
2024 Jigs and Fixtures For The Table Saw $16.99

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