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These single flute countersinks are machined from carbon tool steel and are available in six different diameter sizes. All have a 90 degree angle on the point for sharp and precise countersinking. The cutting edge is hardened and honed for sharpness. Single fluting gives the added advantage of less vibration and chatter resulting in a smoother cut. 3/4 inch diameter.

  • 90 degree angle
  • Single flute
  • Carbon tool steel
  • For wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals
  • Available in 1/4", 1/2" & 3/4"



Item# Description Price Quantity
858 1/4" Counter Sink - D2240 $1.99
859 1/2" Counter Sink - D2243 $2.99
860 3/4" Counter Sink - D2245 $3.99

One Way Handle & Countersink Bits

One Way Handle & Countersink Bits

This unique countersink driver set enables you to make quick clean countersinks without fussing with a heavy power drill or driver. The handle has a built in cam lock which allows the countersink bits to rotate only in the cutting direction, which decreases the amount of wear and tear on the bits dramatically and reduces hand and wrist fatigue. The countersink bits are held in place by a magnet inside the cam lock.

The kit includes:

  • 1ea. one way torque handle
  • 1ea. 1/4" steel countersink bit
  • 1ea. 1/2" steel countersink bit
  • 1ea. 3/4" steel countersink bit
Item# Description Price Quantity
861 One Way Handle & Countersink Bits $24.99

Stone Mountain
46 Piece Deluxe Woodworkers Drill Bit Set

46 Piece Deluxe Woodworkers Drill Bit Set

No more hunting in different drawers or bins for the right bit or driver to get the job done. We have carefully selected the most commonly used drill bits, drivers and accessories for this 46 Piece Deluxe Woodworker's Drill Bit Set. This 46 Piece Deluxe Woodworker's Drill Bit Set comes in a compact, durable case for organization and easy storage. This is the perfect set to carry from job to job or store anywhere in your shop. This is a true woodworkers Drill Bit Set that is sure to come through in a pinch.

46 Piece Deluxe Woodworker's Drill Bit Set Includes:

  • 1 ea. Quick Release Chuck
  • 1 ea. 3/8" Pocket Hole Drill Bit
  • 1 ea. 6" - #2 Square Driver
  • 2 ea. Square Drivers : PH1 - PH2
  • 2 ea. Phillips Head Drivers: S1 -S2
  • 3 ea. Plug Cutters: 1/4"-3/8"-1/2"
  • 3 ea. Counter Sink Bits: 3/8"-1/2" - 3/4"
  • 3 ea. Self Centering Bits: 7/64" - 9/64" - 11/64"
  • 3 ea. Tapered Drill Bits:1/8" - 9/64" - 11/64"
  • 7 Forstner Bits:
  • 7 Depth Stop Collars: 1/8"-3/16"-1/4"-5/16"-3/8"-1/2"-7/8"
  • 13 Brad Point Bits: 1/8"-5/32"-3/16"-7/32"-1/4"-9/32"-5/16"-11/32",-
Item# Description Price Quantity
908 46 Piece Deluxe Woodworkers Drill Bit Set $79.99