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Complete Guide to Joinery
by Wood Magazine

Complete Guide to Joinery

On this comprehensive disc, you will learn

  • Make classic mortise-and-tenon joints.
  • Construct jigs to make joints quickly and accurately.
  • Successfully glue and clamp any joint.
  • Dress up your projects with decorative joints.
  • Cut dovetails by hand or with a router.

Included on this info-packed disc:

  • 90+ articles covering joints, gluing, and clamping.
  • Instructions for building more than 20 joinery jigs.
  • 19 videos rich with tips and techniques.
Item# Description Price Quantity
10813 Complete Guide to Joinery $29.95

Pocket Hole Joinery Tables
by John Sillaots

Accelerate your learning process with this pocket hole instructional video. The Pocket Hole Solution series features TV personality John Sillaots as he leads you through the various steps needed to build strong, sturdy tables in a matter of hours Pocket hole joinery provides a fast, strong and simple approach to tackling your next woodworking project.

Item# Description Price Quantity
3198 Pocket Hole Joinery Tables by John Sillaots $9.99

9 Essential Woodworking Joints
by Wood Magazine

9 Essential Woodworking Joints

WOOD magazine Projects Editor Craig Ruegsegger shows you how to cut the joints used to create panels, cabinets, frames, boxes and more. Some require only the tablesaw or a router. Discover the secret to cutting air-tight half-laps, the pros and cons of biscuits and pocket screws, and a foolproof method for perfect-fitting dadoes.

In this video you'll learn:

  • How to properly drill a screw joint Ð and then hide it
  • Accurate miter cutting methods (and three ways of reinforcing them)
  • Why glue alone is sometimes enough
Item# Description Price Quantity
10824 9 Essential Woodworking Joints $19.95

Mortise & Tenon
by Jim Kingshott

Mortise & Tenon by Jim Kingshott

The mortise and tenon joint is the key to making sturdy chairs, tables, windows, and doors, and this instructional video illustrates how to make these joints precisely and quickly. Every step in the process is explained, from laying out the joint to cutting and shaping using backsaws, chisels, and other hand tools. Instructions are also provided on how to drawbore the joint with treenails and how to keep tools sharp. With helpful tips presented in a friendly, conversational style, this guide will benefit even the most experienced woodworker.

Item# Description Price Quantity
2047 Mortise & Tenon by Jim Kingshott $17.99

Biscuit Joinery Building A Bookcase
by Frank Klausz

Biscuit Joinery Building A Bookcase by Frank Klausz

Using skills learned from over 30 years as a professional cabinet maker, Frank Klausz brings you shop-proven advice and instruction to help you turn out handsome bookcases and cabinets using biscuit joinery. You'll see firsthand exactly how to do the work–the tools, the techniques, and timesaving tricks that can help you work efficiently. Frank takes you step-by-step from start to finish, demonstrating each process in detail.

Item# Description Price Quantity
3296 Biscuit Joinery Building A Bookcase by Frank Klausz $15.99

Guide to Perfect Glue-ups
by Jim Heavey

Guide to Perfect Glue-ups by Jim Heavey - DVD

Jim Heavey has been educating and inspiring audiences from coast to coast at The Woodworking Shows for 8 years running. Now you can bring Jim into your own home with these info-packed video DVD's featuring his best tips and techniques for woodworking success. Jim’s easy-to-follow approach will change your shop ways—and results—forever!

On this info-filled DVD you’ll learn

  • The simple way to apply even clamping pressure
  • How to avoid alignment mishaps before the glue dries
  • Why you should wait overnight before sanding a glue-up, and MORE!

Nearly all woodworking projects require glue-ups, and in this video WOOD® magazine’s Jim Heavey demonstrates how to effectively and consistently produce pleasant-looking, structurally sound and flat glue-ups for any type of project. From lumber selection and storage, to layout and jointing, to clamping and excess glue removal, the tips and techniques you’ll learn here will increase your confidence—and competence—in this most basic and important aspect of woodworking.

Item# Description Price Quantity
1853 Guide to Perfect Glue-ups by Jim Heavey - DVD $19.95

Dovetails Made Easy
by Marc Sommerfeld

Dovetails Made Easy
by Marc Sommerfeld

In this information-packed, 38-minute DVD, Marc will show you in a step-by-step approach how to create five different dovetails with the versatile and easy-to-use Katie Jig. You'll learn how to cut The Popular Thru-Dovetail, The Box Joint, The Combination Dovetail-Box Joint and The Half-Blind Dovetail Joint. Build the beautiful and exceptionally strong dovetail joints with the undisputed leader in dovetail creation, and learn how to do all this on your router table! You'll be amazed by how easy it really is, as you pick up loads of great tip and tricks-of-the-trade along the way from Marc Sommerfeld, one of America's leading authorities on cabinet-making. It's another must-have addition for your How-To library.

Approximately: (38 min.)

Item# Description Price Quantity
3369 Dovetails Made Easy by Marc Sommerfeld $14.99

Dovetail a Drawer
by Frank Klausz

Dovetail a Drawer by Frank Klausz - DVD

Frank Klausz cuts quick, precise dovetails without jigs or templates, then glues up and fits the finished drawer.

You will learn about:

  • Dovetail drawer anatomy
  • Transferring dimensions from the scale drawing to a full-scale '' story-pole''
  • Choosing lumber Marking out, ripping and crosscutting drawer parts
  • Marking out the dovetails and pins
  • Hand sawing the pins and tails and chopping out the waste
  • Gluing up
  • Applying finishing touches with a smooth plane

A professional cabinetmaker for more than 25 years, Frank Klausz operates a cabinet shop specializing in antique reproductions and restorations and in custom architectural fixtures. He also has made the other Fine Woodworking video workshops Making Mortise-and-Tenon Joints and Wood Finishing.

Item# Description Price Quantity
1873 Dovetail a Drawer by Frank Klausz - DVD $15.99

by Jim Kingshott

Dovetails by Jim Kingshott - DVD

Produced for woodworkers of all skill levels, this video guide is a bare wood-to-finished piece primer on the production of hand cut dovetail joints-the hallmark of a fine woodworker's repertoire. Dovetail joints are used to make boxes, cabinets, and drawers, but, as the DVD shows, they can be difficult to produce. Jim Kingshott makes it easy by welcoming viewers into his own workshop and passing on 50 years' worth of experience and knowledge about the tools and techniques used to create a sturdy and beautiful dovetail joint.

Item# Description Price Quantity
2050 Dovetails by Jim Kingshott - DVD $17.99

Dovetail Techniques
with Stephen Hammer

Dovetail Techniques DVD
with Stephen Hammer

Fine Woodworking Video Workshop Series #11

In this DVD, veteran furniture maker Stephen Hammer demonstrates five techniques for crafting strong, beautiful dovetail joints. Aimed at intermediate to advanced woodworkers, the video demonstrates everything from basic through-dovetails to elaborate head-scratchers like curved half-blind dovetails. You'll learn the process of laying out, cutting, and assembly, as well as how to combine hand tools and power tools to reap the benefits of both.

  • Easier through-dovetails
  • Half-blind dovetails in half the time
  • Decorative through-dovetails
  • Curved through-dovetails
  • Curved half-blind dovetails

(Approximately 36 minutes)

Item# Description Price Quantity
2095 Dovetail Techniques DVD with Stephen Hammer $18.95

Router Joinery
by Gary Rogowski

Router Joinery 
by Gary Rogowski

From choosing stock to cutting joints

Routers can be used to cut a wide variety of joints quickly and accurately. In this video, professional woodworker Gary Rogowski demonstrates router joinery techniques that can be mastered by any woodworker. You'll learn why correct setup and good stock preparation are essential to accurate work, and you'll see how to cut common frame and carcase joints using a hand-held or table-mounted router.

You'll see how to rout:

  • rabbets, dadoes and grooves
  • half-laps
  • mortise-and-tenon joints
  • loose-tenon joints
  • half-blind and through dovetails
  • sliding dovetails
Item# Description Price Quantity
1879 Router Joinery by Gary Rogowski $15.99

Sam Maloof

Sam Maloof

See Maloof at work building and see how his furniture embodies his ideas on craft, design, and technique.

Sam Maloof is one of the fathers of contemporary woodworking. Now in this profile of a master craftsman, you can see Maloof at work and home, and see how his furniture embodies his ideas on craft, design, and technique.

This visually rich documentary spans a week with Maloof while he builds and discusses his designs, including his much imitated signature rocker. It’s an opportunity to savor the nuances and substance that make Sam Maloof an inspiration to woodworkers everywhere. You’ll also see how to:

  • Sculpt joints with a router and rasp
  • Create laminated rockers
  • Use decorative splines for strength
Item# Description Price Quantity
1862 Sam Maloof $15.99

Tage Frid

Tage Frid

Tage Frid is known as the "Dean of American Woodworking." Over his 50-year career as a woodworker, educator, and author, he helped thousands learn woodworking. This DVD video is an opportunity to visit the master in his shop and home and listen to him as he shares his wisdom.

In this rare documentary Frid shows you how to build several pieces and discusses how his philosophy of designing around construction informs his work. Frid also demonstrates such woodworking basics as sharpening a chisel and cabinet scraper as well as how to make multiple spline joints and cut half-blind dovetails. Two bonus segments on laminating in form to make salad servers and veneering a coffee table are also included.

"Frid has done more than any other woodworker I know to make the crafting of fine furniture practical, safe and reasonably expedient." Popular Woodworking

Every classic Fine Woodworking DVD takes you right into an expert woodworker's shop. You'll see firsthand exactly how to do the work the tools, the techniques and the subtle rhythms of each process. Now re-issued in DVD format, this timeless information is even more accessible. Go directly to the chapter you want to watch and replay it as often as you want.

Item# Description Price Quantity
3286 Tage Frid $15.99

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