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Complete Guide to Mastering Your Table Saw
by Wood Magazine

Complete Guide to Mastering Your Table Saw

On this comprehensive disc, you will learn

  • Choose the tablesaw that best meets your needs.
  • Select the correct blade for any job.
  • Add accessories to make your saw even more versatile.
  • Make a variety of cuts safely and accurately.
  • Jig up to cut dadoes, rabbets, and other joints.
  • Maintain and adjust your saw for maximum precision.

Included on this info-packed disc:

  • More than 40 plans for jigs and accessories.
  • 13 videos covering techniques, maintenance, and jigs.
  • 125 tips for maximizing your saws accuracy and efficiency.
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10808 Complete Guide to Mastering Your Table Saw $29.95

12 Great Tablesaw Jigs
by Jim Heavey

12 Great Tablesaw Jigs
by Jim Heavey

Jim Heavey has been educating and inspiring audiences from coast to coast at The Woodworking Shows for 8 years running. Now you can bring Jim into your own home with these info-packed video DVD's featuring his best tips and techniques for woodworking success. Jim’s easy-to-follow approach will change your shop ways—and results—forever!

On this info-filled DVD you’ll learn

  • Simple jigs for perfect tenons every time
  • A 3-way outfeed support that adapts to the job at hand
  • Jigs for precisely ripping thin strips, cutting tapers, AND MORE!

Simple jigs increase the accuracy and versatility of your most useful shop tool. In this DVD, WOOD® magazine’s Jim Heavey demonstrates a dozen jigs that help you work faster and safer, whether you own a portable, contractor, or cabinet-style saw. You’ll even find jig plans you can print from your computer and take into your shop. Separated into “must have” and “nice to have,” you’ll find jigs of all types along with the tips and techniques used by successful woodworkers.

Item# Description Price Quantity
1855 12 Great Tablesaw Jigs by Jim Heavey $19.95

Mastering Your Table Saw
by Kelly Mehler

Mastering Your Table Saw by Kelly Mehler

Using this cornerstone machine to its full advantage.

If you make furniture, the table saw is one of the cornerstone machines in your shop. Kelly Mehler, who makes some of the most beautiful furniture in America, shows you how to get the best out of this essential tool. In this video, you'll learn the differences between table saws. You'll discover how to choose the right one for your working style, set it up right the first time and adjust it so that it runs safely and efficiently

Mehler demonstrates basic table-saw techniques, including crosscutting and ripping, and how to handle special situations such as oversized and undersized stock. He also shows you how to make woodworking joints with the table saw and how to build jigs and fixtures that will make your work on the table saw easier and more accurate.

Item# Description Price Quantity
1875 Mastering Your Table Saw by Kelly Mehler $15.99

Tablesaw Techniques
with Marc Adams

Tablesaw Techniques
with Marc Adams

A celebrated instructor teaches tablesaw essentials. Owner of the world’s largest woodworking school, Marc Adams shares his knowledge and decades of experience in Tablesaw Techniques, an instructional video in the Fine Woodworking Workshop Series.

Skill and safety go hand-in-hand. Because of their versatility, tablesaws are popular and a fixture in most workshops. They are also powerful tools that require respect and proper safety precautions when in use. That’s why Marc demonstrates a multitude of ways to tap the full potential of the tablesaw with an emphasis on safety first.

Surefire techniques you should know. New and advanced woodworkers will benefit from sharing Marc’s time-tested knowledge of the tablesaw, upgrades every saw needs, and safety measures, including:

  • understanding kickback and how to prevent it
  • making your own splitter for safer ripcuts
  • ripping and how to align a rip fence
  • using push sticks
  • cross-cutting and crosscut sleds
  • gearing up for tablesaw joinery
  • making accurate grooves, dadoes, and rabbets
  • cutting tight-fitting miters and blowout-free tenons
  • and so much more

The right way is the safe way. No matter how many years you’ve been at woodworking, Tablesaw Techniques offers new insights for getting more than you might expect from this shop workhorse. Plus, the underlying message of safety first, is worthwhile for anyone who owns a tablesaw.

Item# Description Price Quantity
10850 Tablesaw Techniques with Marc Adams $18.99

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