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Complete Guide to Toy Projects
by Wood Magazine

Complete Guide to Toy Projects

On this comprehensive disc, you will learn

  • Create engaging toys for children of all ages.
  • Build sturdy, stylish riding toys and wagons.
  • Fashion beautiful doll furniture, strollers, and dollhouses.
  • Launch a dream fleet of boats, trucks, cars, construction equipment, airplanes, tractors, and trains.
  • Construct a toboggan or other snow sliders for winter fun.
  • Make great games and fun treat dispensers.
  • Scrollsaw clever and entertaining puzzles.

Included on this info-packed disc:

  • More than 200 project plans.
  • Dozens of tips and and videos for ease of construction.
  • Shop-proven instructions to help you through every project.
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10804 Complete Guide to Toy Projects $29.95

Turning Toys
with Richard Raffan

Turning Toys
with Richard Raffan

Most woodturners have children in their lives who would appreciate a hand-turned toy (or several). The projects in Turning Toys can serve as a base for almost limitless variation, so you can put your own stamp on each object you create. Repetition is the key to mastering any craft, so these projects are in part skill-builders that you can repeat and thereby hone your turning techniques. You can get plenty of practice when small kids can’t have too many peg dolls, things on wheels, or arches for creating buildings, farmyards, and so on. You’ll see ways of salvaging a situation when things go wrong, as they inevitably do when you have a catch or the wood splits. Disasters become design opportunities. The video will show you what to do, step-by-step; you’ll see exactly how the tools are used, how the cutting edge should relate to the surface you’re cutting, and how to stand to support and hold the tools so that working at your lathe is a comfortable and pleasurable activity.

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11428 Turning Toys with Richard Raffan $17.95

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