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Deluxe Pen Press

Savannah Deluxe Pen Press

Two Ways to Press Your Pen Parts

The Savannah Deluxe Pen Press features a quick release button for fast, easy adjustments to the threaded rod. Once the rod is in position, rotate the knob and press the parts in place. Another unique feature for the Savannah Deluxe Pen Press is that it offers two different ways to press pen parts together. The first way is to use the lever arm to press the pen parts. the second way is to keep the lever arm closed (all the way down toward base), then tighten the knob to press the pen parts.

  • Steel base construction
  • Quick release button
  • Two ways to press your pen parts
    • By lever
    • by tightening the knob
Item# Description Price Quantity
7622 Savannah Deluxe Pen Press $79.99

Pen Press

Pen Press
Pen Press Pen Press Pen Press

The ideal tool for pressing pen crafting / assembly components together in a quick and simple fashion. The pen press exerts up to 300 Lbs. of pressure to ensure solid fitting pen pieces and it can be easily adjusted for different size components. The unit is made from steel for repeated everyday use and accepts most every size pen blank or component.

Item# Description Price Quantity
7004 Peachtree Pen Press $39.99

Turners Pen Press

Milescraft® Turners Press 4700
Milescraft® Turners Press 4700 Milescraft® Turners Press 4700

Pen assembly just became a whole lot easier with the Milescraft Turners Pen Press. This is the best press for assembling turned pens and the mechanical components. The Milescraft Turner’s Press features an exclusive Flip Up support stanchion that ensures horizontal assembly of components up to 5.75" in length. The Flip Up Support also eliminates object movement when pressure is applied and prevents splitting of delicate and small pen parts and it's components. The unit also features fast tool-free adjustments. A spring loaded self feeding mandrel holds your objects in position during set up. The micro adjustable pressure pad allows for finely tuned length adjustments. The solid steel handle and cam assembly can apply up to 300 lbs. of pressing force. This just may be the best pen press you will ever

Item# Description Price Quantity
10130 Milescraft® Turners Press 4700 $49.99

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