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Wood Project Clamps

3" Wood Project Clamp
3" Wood Project Clamp
6" Wood Project Clamp
6" Wood Project Clamp

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Wood Project Clamps are perfect for Kreg Joinery, project assembly, general clamping, and more. Available in two sizes — 6" reach and 3" reach — these versatile clamps have large clamp faces that distribute clamping force evenly and won't mar delicate surfaces. They are compatible with the Kreg Jig® R3's Clamp Pad Adapter, and with the Kreg Jig® Portable Base.

Auto-Adjust Technology Thanks to Automaxx® Auto-Adjust Technology, Wood Project Clamps adjust to match material thickness automatically with a simple squeeze of handles — whether the material is thick, thin, or in between. You can clamp a 2x4 and then a piece of 1/2" plywood without ever readjusting the clamp.

Easy-to-Regulate Clamping Pressure Easily regulate clamping pressure with a simple thumbscrew. Just set your desired pressure by turning the thumbscrew for more or less pressure. Once the pressure is set, the clamp maintains consistent clamping pressure with every thickness.

Highly-Durable Construction Wood Project Clamps are designed to withstand years of heavy use, thanks to heavy-duty, all-metal construction. They also have ergonomic padded grips for comfort and ease-of-use.

Quick, Convenient Clamping with Automatic Adjustment

  • Comes in two sizes:
    • 3" reach; clamps materials up to 3" thick
    • 6" reach; clamps materials up to 5" thick
  • Adjusts automatically to match material thickness
  • Easy-to-regulate pressure with a simple thumbscrew
  • Large clamp faces spread pressure evenly
  • Ergonomic padded grips prevent hand fatigue
  • Works with the Kreg Jig® R3 Clamp Pad Adapter, as well as the Portable Base
Item# Description Price Quantity
4852 3" Wood Project Clamp - KHC3 $29.99
4853 6" Wood Project Clamp - KHC6 $37.99

Face Frame Clamps

Kreg® 3" Face Frame Clamp KHC-PREMIUM

The Kreg line of Face Clamps helps to ensure a perfectly flush joint every time. Without clamping, the joint can misaligns if the screw follows the grain of the wood. To use, place the large pad of the clamp directly over the center of the joint line on the face side of the work piece(opposite the pocket holes), clamp with moderate pressure and drive a screw.

3" Face Frame Clamp
Best for the majority of pocket-screw applications. 3" (76mm) reach will handle work pieces up to 2-3/4" (70mm) thick.

All Kreg Face Clamps features an extra-large pad that is placed on the “show side” of the joint to help create a flush joint as the screws are driven. The clamp is also compatible with the Kreg Jig® R3’s Portable Clamp Adapter so the jig can be connected directly to the clamp for high-speed panel drilling. Each Face Clamp has ergonomic padded grips for comfort and ease-of-use.

All Kreg Face Frame Clamps are:

  • Ergonomic padded grips for comfort and ease-of-use
  • Helps create a flush joint as screws are driven
  • Compatible with Kreg Jig® R3’s Portable Clamp Adapter
Item# Description Price Quantity
1515 Kreg® 3" Face Frame Clamp KHC-PREMIUM $29.99

3" Face Clamp

Milescraft® Face Clamp / 4001

The 3″ FaceClamp is perfect for pocket hole joinery, project construction, general clamping, and more. The versatile clamps help create a flush joint during pocket hole assembly.

Metal Swivel Pads:

  • Ensuring there is no marring on your workpiece
  • Distribute clamping force evenly

Jaw Capacity:

  • 3" reach (76mm)
  • For clamping on a variety of material thicknesses up to 2-3/4" thick

Adjustable Capacity Knobs:

  • Thumb screw allows for quick and easy adjustment of jaw capacity

3" FaceClamp is Ideal For:

  • Pocket Hole Joinery
  • Construction of Woodworking
  • Project Construction
  • Welding
  • Repairs
Item# Description Price Quantity
10291 Milescraft® Face Clamp / 4001 $14.99

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