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Variable Angle Band Clamp - VAS

Whether you need to repair a chair, fix a frame or clamp four corners all at the same time, Bessey's Variable Angle Strap Clamp adapts to whatever situation you need.


  • Strap Lock — an easy-to-use mechanism for releasing and locking the strap around awkward or large assemblies.
  • Specially woven 23' polyester strap for up to 1,100 lbs tensile strength with minimal stretch.
  • Geared winder allows for precise adjustment — tightens strap evenly from both sides for distortion-free clamping.
  • Strap winder keeps excess strap conveniently stored on spool.
  • Corner clip with swivel pads clamp any angle from 60° to 180° — four clips are included with clamp.


  • 1 ea. Variable Band Clamp
  • 4 ea. Vario Corner Clips
Variable Angle Band Clamp Variable Angle Band Clamp Variable Angle Band Clamp Variable Angle Band Clamp

If your Building a Project with more than 4 corners you can purchase an extra 6 pack Vario Corner Clips

6 Pack Vario Corner Clips - VAS-6
Item# Description Price Quantity
Bessey® Variable Angle Band Clamp - VAS-23+2K
Bessey® 6 Pack Vario Corner Clips - VAS-6

Merle Band Clamp

Merle Band Clamp

Flexible jaw inserts are non-marring and are easily removed. They're made of high impact ABS plastic for long life and heavy use. The dual pivot feature allows the Merle to clamp virtually any size or shape securely! Perfect for circles and ovals, plus triangles, hexagons, octagons, and more. 23-foot steel banding included. The Merle clamp has almost no capacity limitation! Clamps as small as 2-5/8" x 2-5/8 to69" x 69" or 23-feet around, but can be extended to any length by using standard 3/8-inch steel banding or strapping. The Merle clamp will hold any type of frame for easy gluing, nailing or screwing. Even jointing force at all corners. It's excellent for wide cabinet type frames (use in the center or edges), and also for narrow picture frames. The adjustable Merle clamp allows you to use as much or as little clamping pressure as needed. Cast aluminum and steel construction makes the Merle clamp a tough tool that will work hard and long for you. Quick Release Corner Clips pull off with finger pressure. Just clip on more corners and get to work!


  • Clamps as small as 2-5/8" x 2-5/8 to 69" x 69" or
    23' around
  • Clamp any shape with ease
  • Self-adjusting, non-marring jaw inserts align to any angle
  • Perfect for cabinet frames and picture frames
  • Quick release corners allow quick adjustment
Merle Band Clamp Merle Band Clamp


First image is item #652
Second Image is Shown with 2 extra corners
Item# Description Price Quantity
Merle Band Clamp Kit
Includes: 652 Merle Band Clamp & 653 Replacement Corners
Merle Band Clamp
Replacement Corners 4 pack
Extra Clips
Extra Band for Merele Clamp

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15' Band Clamp

15' Band Clamp

This 15’ Band Clamp applies even clamping pressure all the way around difficult-to-clamp items, such as octagons, circles and so on. One inch wide nylon webbing and ratchet mechanism applies plenty of clamping pressure.

Item# Description Price Quantity
15' Band Clamp

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X-Treme Clamp Tape

X-Treme tape quick clamp wrap eliminates the need for special clamp designs or clamps that can damage the finish. No weak bonds or gaps from wood movement - 300 elastic stretch. Sticks only to itself - no adhesive clean up. No tape adhesive to affect the wood or finish surface. Soft silicone is inert to most finishes. After the glue dries, simply cut the tape free.

This tape is also a multi-purpose repair wrap.

• Good from -60°F to 500°F
• Permanent air & water tight seal
• Insulates up to 400 volts per mil.

Item# Description Price Quantity
X-Treme Clamp Tape

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Titebond® Titewrap™

Titebond Titewrap eliminates the need for traditional clamps and secures your project while the glue dries! This self-adhering wrap sticks only to itself and won’t damage the wood surface. It is perfect for irregular joints or pieces that are difficult to clamp. When finished, simply cut the wrap away!

  • 700 psi strength and 300% elastic stretch
  • Self-bonding – Won’t damage wood surface
  • Ideal for interior/exterior woodworking projects
  • Eliminates need for traditional clamps
  • Performs in high temperatures
  • UL Listed for use at not more than 600 V and at not more than 80°C (176°F)
  • Adheres only to itself Excellent moisture resistance
  • Conforms to PROP 65
Item# Description Price Quantity
Titebond® Titewrap™

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