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Titebond® Titewrap™

Titebond Titewrap eliminates the need for traditional clamps and secures your project while the glue dries! This self-adhering wrap sticks only to itself and won’t damage the wood surface. It is perfect for irregular joints or pieces that are difficult to clamp. When finished, simply cut the wrap away!

  • 700 psi strength and 300% elastic stretch
  • Self-bonding – Won’t damage wood surface
  • Ideal for interior/exterior woodworking projects
  • Eliminates need for traditional clamps
  • Performs in high temperatures
  • UL Listed for use at not more than 600 V and at not more than 80°C (176°F)
  • Adheres only to itself Excellent moisture resistance
  • Conforms to PROP 65
Item# Description Price Quantity
657 Titebond® Titewrap™ $3.99

X-Treme Clamp Tape

X-Treme tape quick clamp wrap eliminates the need for special clamp designs or clamps that can damage the finish. No weak bonds or gaps from wood movement - 300 elastic stretch. Sticks only to itself - no adhesive clean up. No tape adhesive to affect the wood or finish surface. Soft silicone is inert to most finishes. After the glue dries, simply cut the tape free.

This tape is also a multi-purpose repair wrap.

• Good from -60°F to 500°F
• Permanent air & water tight seal
• Insulates up to 400 volts per mil.

Item# Description Price Quantity
339 X-Treme Clamp Tape $6.99

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