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3 Piece Drill Extension Kit

3 Piece Drill Extension Kit


  • Use for those hard to reach areas where standard bits will not reach.
  • The hex shank fits all types of cordless and electric drills.
  • Drp forged steel is fully polished to resist rust and corrosion.


  • 1 ea. 6" Short Extension
  • 1 ea. 12" Long Extension
  • 1 ea. Hex Key


Item# Description Price Quantity
928 3 Piece Drill Extension Kit $4.99

Snappy Tools
6" Extension For Quick Change Chuck

Snappy Quick-Change 6"Extension

For over 15 years Make it Snappy Quick Change Chucks have been the leader in quality quick change chucks for the professional or D.I.Y.'er. Change bits so fast, you won't need a second driver/drill. Simply push any standard  1/4" hex shaft into the quick chuck and it instantly snaps into place, pull back on the collar for instant removal. Change from drilling to driving in seconds with the Make it Snappy system. For use in all 3/8" Jacob style chucks.


  • Extends the reach of your drill. by 6"
  • Holds power bits or insert bits.
  • Bits are locked in and will not pull out of the extension.

Made in USA

Item# Description Price Quantity
806 Snappy Quick-Change 6"Extension - 40016 $10.99

Forstner Bit Extender

Forstner Bit Extender

This Forstner Bit Extender is suitable for round or hex shanked bits. Get an extra 6" of reach into deep holes with this Forstner bit extender. Great for rustic furniture, joining wide timbers, drilling pepper mills and kaleidoscopes. The shank of the bit is locked securely into the extension using two grub screws. Use it on the wood lathe to make large deep bores for wood turning projects. Also works with any other style of 3/8" shank drill bit greater than 3/4" in diameter.

Note: Requires a 3/4" or larger diameter hole size for use.

Item# Description Price Quantity
927 Forstner Bit Extender $9.99

Long Bore Extendable Drilling System

Long Bore Extendable Drilling System

The Long Bore Extendable Drilling System is ideal solution for boring a starting hole in your hollowing form work piece. This system is consist of three steel rods. The 3/4" diameter steel rods are extremely rigid which perform much better than standard, smaller diameter single rods when drilling on a lathe. Another distinct advantage is that there is no need for a drill chuck or morse taper adaptor. This system is easily mounted to the tailstock on your lathe which will allow you to use the lathe to drill a starter hole on your project. This system as packaged gives you a total reach of 9".


  • Performs better than standard, smaller single rods
  • Extremely ridgid
  • 3/4" Diameter steel rods
  • No need for a drill chuck or morse taper adaptor
  • Mounts to tail stock
  • 9" Total reach


  • 1 ea. Morse Taper #2 Base
  • 1 ea. 3" Extension Rod
  • 1 ea. 3/8" Forstner Bit Holder

Also available are 3" and 6" Extensions.

Note: Forstner Bit not included.

Item# Description Price Quantity
7571 Long Bore Extendable Drilling System $49.99
7572 3" Extension for Long Bore Extendable Drilling System $14.99
7573 6" Extension for Long Bore Extendable Drilling System $19.99

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