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Snappy Tools
Quick-Change Industrial Chuck

Quick-Change Industrial Chuck

Snappy's patented quick change chuck accepts all tools with a 1/4" hex power bit shaft, allowing fast changes between drilling and driving. Durable all steel construction, heat-treated for excellent wear resistance and strength. Simply pushing the bit in will lock it firmly into the drive channel with a hardened chrome ball bearing. Pulling back the knurled sleeve allows the tool to be quickly removed with just one hand.


  • Allows you to quickly and easily change 1/4" hex shank drill bits and accessories.
  • Push bits in until you hear the snap. Slide the sleeve back to remove the bits.
  • Drive Shank: 11/32″ Hex Shank
  • Accepted Tools: 1/4″ Hex Power Bits

Made in USA

Item# Description Price Quantity
805 Quick-Change Industrial Chuck $10.99

Snappy Tools
6" Extension For Quick Change Chuck

Snappy Quick-Change 6"Extension

For over 15 years Make it Snappy Quick Change Chucks have been the leader in quality quick change chucks for the professional or D.I.Y.'er. Change bits so fast, you won't need a second driver/drill. Simply push any standard  1/4" hex shaft into the quick chuck and it instantly snaps into place, pull back on the collar for instant removal. Change from drilling to driving in seconds with the Make it Snappy system. For use in all 3/8" Jacob style chucks.


  • Extends the reach of your drill. by 6"
  • Holds power bits or insert bits.
  • Bits are locked in and will not pull out of the extension.

Made in USA

Item# Description Price Quantity
806 Snappy Quick-Change 6"Extension - 40016 $10.99

Snappy Tools
Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapters

Snappy Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapters

Snappy drill bit adapters utilize a collet to adapt standard round drill bits to a 1/4″ hex power bit shank to be used in quick change chucks and other tools designed to accept a 1/4″ hex shank, like impact drivers. Heat treated to a specific hardness to provide durability, while still maintaining the collets ability to compress around the drill bit. Securely holds a round drill bit of the rated size to 1/64″ smaller.

  • Drive Shank: 1/4″ Hex Power Bit Shank
Item# Description Price Quantity
815 1/16" Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapter $4.99
816 3/32" Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapter $4.99
817 1/8" Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapter $4.99
818 5/32" Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapter $4.99
819 3/16" Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapter $4.99
820 7/32" Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapter $4.99
821 1/4" Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapter $5.99
822 3/8" Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapter $6.99
807 7pc Quick-Change Drill Bit Adapter Set $33.49

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