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EZ Sweep Floor System

EZ Sweep Floor System

The adjustable handle makes positioning the grip for your own personal height and build easy. The comfortable molded hand grip - reduces the amount of strain on your hand and wrist. The EZ release hose clamp - makes attaching and removing your hose quick and hassle free. All together these items and features make the EZ Sweep Dust Collection System the most convenient, comfortable and simple to use system for your dust collection.


  • Molded grip handle
  • Handle is adjustable is adjust for your hieght
  • Includeds EZ Release Hose Clamp for easy hose attaching and removal.
  • Includes 2 wall clips for conveniantly hanging the EZ Floorsweep to wall out of your work space for staorage when not in use.


Floor System comes with:

  • 1 ea. 36" extension wand
  • 1 ea. Adjustable handle splice
  • 1 ea. 4" Fitting splice
  • 1 ea. EZ Release hose clamp
  • 2 ea. Wall Clips.
Item# Description Price Quantity
497 EZ Sweep Floor System $44.99

EZ Sweep Bench Top System

EZ Sweep Bench Top System

The EZ Sweep bench top system comes with all the great features as the EZ Sweep Floor System. Only this system is perfect for your benchtop, machines, router tables or where ever else you need to pick up loose dirt, dust or debris in your workshop or garage.

System includes:

  • 1 ea. 7-1/2" extension wand,
  • 1 ea. Adjustable handle splice,
  • 1 ea. 4" fitting splice,
  • 1 ea. EZ release hose clamp
  • 1 ea. Wall Clip.
Item# Description Price Quantity
496 EZ Sweep Bench Top System $34.99

EZ Sweep Brush Attachment

EZ Sweep Brush Attachment
EZ Sweep Brush Attachment EZ Sweep Brush Attachment EZ Sweep Brush Attachment

This attachment for the EZ Sweep Bench Top System and EZ Sweep Floor System (sold separately) makes for simple, one-handed benchtop cleanup. or a bristle brush for the floor system. It measures 13-1/2" long, with a 6" x 2-1/2" mouth. Made from durable ABS plastic.

Item# Description Price Quantity
502 EZ Sweep Brush Attachment $9.99

4" Spring Clips

4" Spring Clips (2 pack)

These spring steel holders mount to the wall in seconds and provide a perfect home for 4" diameter hose and other tools.

Item# Description Price Quantity
519 4" Spring Clips (2 pack) $5.99

EZ Release Hose Clamps

EZ Release Hose Clamps

No more scraping or busting knuckles to attach your hose to your dust collection fittings. The EZ Release Hose Clamps are designed to create strong spring like pressure on the hose when released. Simply squeeze the EZ Release Hose Clamp, place around your hose, and then attach to your dust collection port or fitting. These clamps are available in two convenient sizes and are sold individually.

Item# Description Price Quantity
493 2-1/2" EZ Release Hose Clamps $1.79
494 4" EZ Release Hose Clamps $2.49

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