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Tips For Users

MIXOL® multi-purpose tinting paste, an absolutely first-class product "Made in Germany", that has proved itself for more than 40 years now, it is highly concentrated and can be added to almost any type of paint and/or coating materials, in future it will be any painter's good constant companion. Although the matching of colors is very easy, sometimes users ask questions about the technical details of MIXOL®. To get optimal results please note the various points mentioned in this tips for users.

  • MIXOL® is a binder-free multi-purpose tinting paste - not a ready-made paint! It cannot be used pure  but can only be added or mixed into a ready paint.

  • MIXOL® forms no skin or lumps and will not dry out. It can be stored for many years and so it is extremely economical. Shake thoroughly before and close firmly after use!

  • MIXOL® is highly resistant to frost and heat, but temperatures below +5 °C can cause thickening. After freezing it needs only to be thawed at room temperature. Then shake thoroughly and MIXOL® is ready for use again. Please note, that temporary thickening under the influence of temperature doesn't affect the quality of MIXOL®.

  • ln case of tinting lacquers sometimes MIXOL® cannot be mixed easily by hand, therefore use a stirring apparatus, if possible, to get optimal results and to avoid a rub-out effect. It is also important to test results after stirring! Always test for compatibility by means of a "rub-test". Brush on some of the tinted paint and immediately rub hard with your finger. If it turns a darker shade, the material is either incompatible with MIXOL® or the concentrate has not been properly stirred in. Stir well again and repeat test. Add MIXOL® first and only then add the thinner if required!

  • Not all kinds of coating materials are tintable. Please first test that the materials are compatible and do not tend to separate out and note the information on the MIXOL® Iabels. As a rule, the following materials can be tinted with MIXOL®:

    Radiator paints, epoxy resin paints, fillers and primers, polyurethane paints, synthetic resin paints, hammer-tone finishes, latexemulsion finishes, nitro-cellulose lacquers, polymer emulsion paints, chlorinated rubber paints, acrylic and alkyd resin paints, cold-water paints, cement colorings, water-based paints, acrylic latex paints, concrete floor paints, synthetic latex paints, glue-bound distempers, plasters and renderings, scumbles, stains and wood waxes, spactling pastes, pre mixed fibrous and filler materials. MIXOL® tints which are no LW-oxide types are only suitable to a limited extent for coloring solvent based emulsions, Pliolite based or polymerization resinbased exterior paints, elastic paints, polyesters, polyureiane single or two component lacquers, stoving/baking enamels and insulating paints based on cationic technology. (Attention: Please note the maximum additions of MIXOL® before tinting cationic insulating varnishes and/or sealers!). Use only MIXOL® oxide (Not sold by Peachtree Woodworking Supply) types in varnishes low in or free from aromatic compounds, in paints containing silicate or silicone resin, in all mineral building materials and in insulating varnishes, sealers as well as in exterior paints containing solvents. (Red cap = Oxide type!)

  • All MIXOL® tints are miscible one with another!

  • Depending on the paint concerned, MIXOL® may be added up to a maximum of 10% by weight. But considering that it is highly concentrated, you can obtain best results by adding a minimum of MIXOL (please see the percentage additions in the MIXOL- shade card). The maximum additions are: 10% to latex and/or emulsion paints, 5-8% to paints, lacquers, varnishes, high-solids, 6% to acrylic paints, 3-5% to transparent and/or clear lacquers, transparent paints, glazes, wood stains, waxes etc., 3 % of LW oxide-types to silicate and silicone paints and/or coatings and max. 1 % of LW-oxide-types to cationic insulation varnishes and sealers. When using the "Oxide Brilliant" tints No. 29-32 approx. 5 % can be added.
Adding one 20-ml bottle of MIXOL"' to a medium-quality white paint- will result in
approximately the following percentage tint on the MIXOL"' shade card :
Latex emulsions
 Amount of material
 to be colored
1.25 / =
ca.2 kg
2.5 / =
ca.4 kg
5 / =
ca.8 kg
10 / =
ca.16 kg
12.5 / =
ca.20 kg
 resulting shade

*N8: White paints containing different levels of titanium dioxide will tint differently
using the same quantity of MIXOL®.

  • MIXOL® tints No.6, 7, 10 and 18 are for indoor application only! When a yellow or red are required for external applications, use True Yellow No. 26, True Red No. 27 and Oxide Brilliant Yellow No. 30 instead of the internal quality No.7 Canary Yellow and No. 10 Red. For internal application (i. e. on new wood and other surfaces) we also offer a multi-purpose concentrate Oxide White No. 25, which should be added to colorless coatings and/or transparent paints, glazes etc. to create a pickling effect. Attention: Please read the MIXOL® leaflets as well as the instructions and technical information in this shade card and on the labels and be aware of the two different terms:

    MIXOL® LW types and LW oxide types: Fast to light and weatherproof, for indoor and outdoor application. MIXOL® L types: For indoor application only.


Do Not Swallow! Keep Safely Away From Children!

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Metallic Effect Tints
Tips for Users

Achieve effects from a subtle shimmer, to an opaque solid metal finish. Compatible with a variety of materials (water or solvent based). Highly concentrated with gold, bronze, aluminum and pearlescent pigments. Binder free. Won't dry out or freeze. These metallic pigments stay in suspension, won't "settle out". Can be used in any combination with the 18 organic MIXOL' colors (Non-Oxide Colors). Can be used in some white pigmented materials. All types of applications are suitable - brush, roller, spray

The following materials have been successfully tested:

• wood glazes, cement glazes
• wall glazes (interior and exterior use)
• nitrocellulose clear varnishes
• polyurethane clear varnishes (solvent based)
• polyurethane alkyd clear varnishes (solvent based)
• acrylic wood finishes (water based)
• white interior wall paint
• insulating paints (water based)
• decorative lime plaster for walls

Minimum shelf life: over 1 year. Maximum additions by weight:10% for Varnishes and Clear Coatings 3-5% for Glazes. Product may freeze in extreme temperatures. Just de-frost slowly, and shake very well. The final effect will not be compromised. As with all MIXOL® s, be careful of over-saturation. MIXOL® Metallic Effect Tints are highly concentrated. Take extra care with transparent coatings. Remember a little MIXOL.® goes a long way! The Silver Effect Tint may be incompatible in highly alkaline materials (blistering due to Aluminum content). Solvent based materials should be tested for compatibility. MIXOL® Metallic Effect Tints have a comparatively high water content which may cause incompatibilities with materials sensitive to water. The 15 Oxide-Type MIXOL® 's contain larger sized pigments that will cover the smaller Metallic Effect Pigments, obscuring any decorative effect.

Materials containing white or colored pigments should always be tested. Pigmented material may absorb the smaller metallic effect pigments. A lighter, shimmer effect is still possible though.


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