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Precision Router Lift / PRS5000

Kreg Precision Router Lift
Kreg Precision Router Lift Kreg Precision Router Lift Kreg Precision Router Lift Kreg Precision Router Lift
Kreg Precision Router Lift Kreg Precision Router Lift Kreg Precision Router Lift Kreg Precision Router Lift
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Take control of your table-mounted router for quick, accurate, reliable, and repeatable setups


  • Allows precise above-the-table setup changes for table-mounted routers
  • Above-table collet access allows fast, easy, above-table bit changes
  • 3⁄8" x 9-1⁄4" x 11-3⁄4" (9.5mm x 235mm x 298mm) hard-anodized aluminum plate won’t sag, resists scratches
  • Fits all Kreg router tables and many competitive brands
  • Bearing-guided carriage provides smooth operation
  • Precision indexing ring with micro-adjust scale simplifies bit height changes
  • Precise adjustment without backlash ensures accuracy
  • Accepts 20+ popular routers without requiring pads or adapters

Kreg Precision Router Lift Includes:

  • Router Lift
  • Adjustment Crank
  • Level-Loc Reducing Rings:
    • 25mm
    • 1-3⁄16" (30mm)
    • 2-5⁄8" (67mm)
  • Ring Wrench
  • Stainless Steel Starting Pin
  • Owner’s Manual

The Precision Router Lift helps you elevate your routing capabilities by providing precise control when making router setup changes or changing bits. The lift replaces the standard insert plate in a router table (the 3⁄8" x 9-1⁄4" x 11-3⁄4" plate fits all Kreg router tables plus many popular brands) and accepts 20+ popular router models without the need for adapters or modifications in a high-performance carriage that you raise and lower from above the table.

With the Precision Router Lift, there’s no more reaching under the table to make adjustments or change bits, plus vastly improved control over all adjustments, large or small. Instead, simply use the lift’s included crank to adjust the height of your router bit easily and precisely from above the table. This makes adjustment fast, simple, and accurate so you can set up your router faster, and then dial in the exact bit height you require using the Precision Router Lift’s built-in micro-adjustment scale. The lift also simplifies changing bits by allowing you to do that from above the table.

The Precision Router Lift is designed so that every full revolution of the adjusting crank moves the carriage and your bit exactly 1⁄16", though adjustments down to thousandths of an inch are possible. A built-in micro-adjust scale can be zeroed out at any point to establish your baseline bit setup, so you can make exact bit height changes, and readjust to the exact same setting confidently every time for repeat cuts.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing router table, setting up a new one, or building your own custom table, the Precision Router Lift is the perfect routing accessory. It offers the precision you demand to achieve exacting routing standards, along with the fast, easy performance you want in order to spend less time setting up and more time routing.

Item# Description Price Quantity
4877 Kreg® Precision Router Lift / PRS5000 $299.99

Router Raizer Lifts
Router Lift System

Router Raiser
Note: Router and base plate not included.

Permanently replace a plunge router’s height rod with patented Router Raizer™ for tremendous improvements in depth adjustment during table mounted or hand held operations. 1/16” adjustments are easily made from above or below the table without giving up the router’s original turret system or plunge capabilities. Compact design; weighs 8 oz. Manufactured to strict tolerances; parts plated with electroless nickel. Includes adjusting rod, speed wrench, dust cover assembly, instructions and drilling templates

Router Raizer™ 100 fits:

Craftsman 27505, 27506, 27510, 27511; DeWalt DW621, DW 625; ELU 3337, 3338, 3339; Freud FT 2000; Hitachi TR12, M12V; Makita 3612-B, 3612-C, 3612-BR; Porter-Cable 693, 6931 base, 7529, 7538, 7539 and Ryobi RE600.

Router Raizer™ 200 fits:

BOSCH 1619EVS 3-1/4HP; BOSCH 1166 Plunge Base; Fein RT1800 3-1/4HP and Makita RF1101 Plunge Base.

Item# Description Price Quantity
1046 Router Raizer™ 100 $89.99
1048 Router Raizer™ 200 $89.99

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