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Diamond Wheel Dresser

Diamond Grinder Wheel Dresser

For the best valued diamond dresser, look no further. We best Valued on the market. This diamond dresser produces a flat surface on the face of the wheel while removing embedded particles . The newly exposed cutting surface sharpens faster with less heat buildup. When dressing the wheel, the Diamond Wheel Dresser creates very little dust and will not chip the wheel face as is common to star wheel type dressers.

Dressing Grinding Wheel Instructions


Item# Description Price Quantity
242 Diamond Wheel Dresser $14.99

Diamond Multi-Point Dresser

Norton Diamond Multi-Point Dresser

This wheel dresser from Norton has approximately 20 industrial diamonds randomly imbedded in a 3/4" x 1/4" head. It will deglaze, shape and true any grinding wheel including silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, ceramic and others. Just make sure the wheel dresser is supported by your grinder's tool rest before addressing the spinning wheel, then with a light touch move the tool back and forth across the stone. 10" long with a plastic screwdriver-type handle. Well-made and should last a lifetime.

Item# Description Price Quantity
281 Norton Diamond Multi-Point Dresser $39.99

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