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Diamond Steel Round Files Fine

Diamond Steel Round Files Fine

Diamond steel 10" and 12". Sharpens all blunt knives easily in seconds with little pressure. Ideal for domestic, butchery, catering and fishing. Exceptional life span. Stainless steel core electroplated with diamond surface and polycarbonate handle with hanging ring. Fine grade with 600 grit (nm. 25 micron)

Item# Description Price Quantity
10416 10" Diamond Steel Round File Fine - DWS/DS10/F $58.99
10417 12" Diamond Steel Round File Fine - DWS/DS12/F $64.99

Diamond Round Pen File

Trend Diamond Pen Round File

Diamond round pen file with screw on cap The Outdoors man precision diamond retractable file with flat side and v groove.


  • Barrel becomes the handle when unscrewed
  • Fine 600 grit (25 micron)
  • Ideal for all shaped tooling, profile knives, turning and carving tools, all knives (hunting, outdoor and domestic) small tools and fish hooks.
  • Apply gentle pressure during sharpening process
  • Tapered round pen file
Item# Description Price Quantity
10412 Trend® Diamond Round Pen File - DWS/PFR/F $47.99

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