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Quik Hones

Quik Hones

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Knives Cut Better & Last Longer!

The Quik Hone jointer and planer knife sharpening device allows you to keep your knives much longer and helps produce much better cutting results! The Quik Hone holds two jointer or planer knives at perfect 90 degree angles to each other with the beveled edge facing down. Once your knives are secured into the Quik Hone, simply slide the hone back and forth across a hard, flat abrasive surface until you achieve the desired sharp edge.

  • Easy to install and remove your knives
  • Set screw and included wrench make switching knives simple
  • Made from extruded aluminum
  • Durable for years of service
  • The bevel edge of the knives are down making sharpening your knives a breeze

The Quik Hone is available in:

  • 6" for shorter length knives.
  • 12" for longer length knives.

Note: Glass plate with sandpaper not included

Item# Description Price Quantity
4225 6" Quik Hone $49.95
4226 12" Quik Hone $99.99

Jointer & Planer Knife Hone

Jointer & Planer Knife Hone


Keep your jointer and planer knives razor sharp and nick-free without ever removing them from the cutter head! Simply unplug your machine, lock the cutter head in position, align the 4" hone on the knife edge and with a few quick strokes you're back to cutting.

  • Item #4181 Aluminum Oxide Hone
    • Has 180 and 400 grit surfaces
    • Should be lubricated with oil prior to use.
  • Item #4182 Diamond Hone
    • Has 300 and 600 grit surfaces
    • May be used dry or with water lubrication
Item# Description Price Quantity

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