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8 Piece Lathe Turning Tool Sharpening Setup Gauge Kit

8 Piece Lathe Turning Tool Sharpening Setup Gauge Kit

No more Struggling with the Setup Process!

These gauges will help simplify getting the perfect angles on your turning tools and proper distance from grinding wheel fast and accurate every time!

Works with Both the Wolverine Vari-Grind and the Pro-Grind Sharpening Systems (Both systems are not included)

Designed to be used with 8" grinding wheel.

The 8 Piece Lathe Turning Tool Sharpening Setup Gauge Kit includes these items:
Stick Out Gauge Block Everyone needs a gauge block to set the tool projection for gouges when placing them into a VariGrind 1 or 2 tool holding fixture. I've had many requests for an easy to use durable version, so this is the result. I've included two lengths, 2" and 1.75" in one single unit. Place the Stick Out Gauge against the VariGrind just under the shaft of your gouge and extend the shaft until it touches the stop block. Lock the gouge down for a consistent, reliable, and repeatable setting each and every time. If you choose to order more than one I am able to offer free USA shipping and give you a lower price for each one.
Negative Rake Scraper 3-N-1 Gauge This NRS Setting Gauge offers quick easy and repeatable included angles for 75 degrees, 60 degrees and 50 degrees. It seems everyone agrees that negative rake scrapers are more user friendly, less aggressive, easier to use, give a better finish and catch far less than conventional scrapers. NRS are almost universally regarded as finishing tools to be used for cleaning up bowls, plates and platters. Some folks use them on spindles as well. I have been using NRS to true up my Amazing Doughnut Chucks for a couple of years now and I have not found any other tool which even come close to being smooth cutting. These gauges make setup extremely fast (average is under 15 seconds), repeatable and accurate.
Turning Tool Angle Gauge ABS Unbreakable Plastic Turning Tool Angle Gauge ABS Unbreakable Plastic has eight different angles cut out for easy and quick angle identification. The angles are used for certain turning tools, but may also be used at your own discretion or preference. This gauge is the ideal way to measure for consistent eagle grinds on your turning tools while sharpening. Angles are 30-deg, 37-deg, 40-deg, 45-deg, 50-deg, 55-deg, 60-deg and 82-deg
Quad-Setting-Jig For Wood Lathe Tools 8 inch Many of you asked about the other side of the grinder, the platform. You wanted to know if I had something which would enable the same kind of accuracy in sharpening the “4 Other Tools”. So, I came up with a jig to use to correctly set the proper grinding angles for Roughing Gouges at 45 deg, Parting Tools at 30-60 deg, Skews at 21.5-43 deg and Bowl Scrapers at 8 deg. I’ve named it the “Quad Setting Jig” since one jig sets the correct angels for all 4 of the other HSS woodturning lathe tools. It is also available for immediate shipment

Gouge Setup Blocks are capable of quickly setting 4 of the most commonly use angles on your Vari-Grind style jig when sharpening gouges using a 2" or 1 3/4" projection. .

Standard Grind on Bowl Gouge: The standard grind is used by most tool manufacturers for bowl gouges regardless of diameter of the tool. This is a general use type of grind that is best used on dry wood for both inside and outside of bowls, plates and platters. This grind is easy to use for most skill levels.

Short Grind on Bowl Gouge: The short grind is a special type of grind that is useful for finishing the bottom of bowls with tall sides, such as calabash or semi-hollow forms. This type of grind is best used with narrow openings which prevent using long grinds or standard grinds on the very bottom of the inside. It is also known as a "Bottom Feed Grind" by many in the woodturning world.

Long Grind on Bowl: Gouge This is generally the most useful all around bowl gouge grind and is the preferred grind for green wood. It is also suitable for dry wood. Very large cuts in green wood are a breeze with this grind. Excellent for shear scraping both inside and outside of bowls, plates and platters. This type of grind is similar to the Ellsworth and the Irish or Celtic grind.

Fingernail Grind on Spindle Gouge: A spindle gouge (denoted by it’s much shallower flute) with a fingernail grind enables a turner to turn beads and coves with much steeper sides and more pronounced angles between elements in spindle work. One must maintain a rounded tip while pulling the wings back. This configuration avoids catching the edge of the wings when rolling a bead or scooping out a cove.


40/40 Grind Videos

40 / 40 Grind Setup Block It works with both VariGrind 1 and VariGrind 2! NOW INCLUDES THE RISER BLOCK. THE RISER BLOCK ELIMINATES THE NEED TO GRIND THE POCKET ARM Stuart Batty is an internationally known woodturner who popularized a bowl gouge grind knows as the 40/40 grind. Stuart teaches this grind as a platform only grind that does not use jigs or fixtures other than the platform on a OneWay Wolverine Jig System. Until now, the only way to achieve a 40/40 grind was by hand. I have developed a system that uses the OneWay VariGrind 1 tool holding fixture and a setup block to achieve the traditional 40/40 grind. Results are much more consistent and it is much easier to grind a single facet. The Nose Angle and the Wing Angles will be 40 degrees every time just as one would get with Stuart’s manual grinding method.

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