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Boeshield T-9® dries to a thin waxy film that clings to metal. It will loosen rusty & corroded parts & is safe on paints, plastics & vinyl's.

Rust Free™
removes rust & stains from any surface.

Blade & Bit™
removes resin, gum & pitch from saw blades, drill bits, tool tops etc. Just spray, wait 60-90 seconds & wipe off.

If rusty, use Rust Free after Blade & Bit, then protect with Boeshield T-9.

Buy All 3 and Save!


Item# Description Price Quantity
Boeshield T-9 - 12oz
Boeshield Rust Free - 8oz
Boeshield Blade & Bit - 8oz
Boeshield Value Pack (includes all three above)

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Tool & Bit Cleaner

Trend Tool and Bit Cleaner

Extend the life of your tools with this industrial strength non-toxic, biodegradable, wood resin remover. Perfect for blades, bits, files, wrenches, etc and anything that comes into contact with wood.

This cleaner has unique properties for breaking the molecular bond and lifting the dirt and debris from all surfaces as opposed to dissolving the material like other cleaners.


  • Provides rust and corrosion protection
  • Excellent lubrication


Trend Tool and Bit Cleaner image 1 Trend Tool and Bit Cleaner image 2 Trend Tool and Bit Cleaner image 3 Trend Tool and Bit Cleaner image 4
Item# Description Price Quantity
Trend® Tool & Bit Cleaner - U*CLEAN/500

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Pitch Rx

Pitch Rx Belt and Blade Cleaner

That's why we created PitchRx®-- an amazing product that is easy to use.  PitchRx® removes pitch, gum and resin from blades, bits, planer and jointer knives, shaper and moulding bits, carving burrs, files and more.  For small pitch build up just spray it on, rinse off and dry thoroughly!  For more heavily soiled cutting edges, place in container and soak for 2-3 minutes, agitating occasionally, rinse and dry thoroughly.  Some build up may require the use of a toothbrush in addition to soaking, then rinse and dry thoroughly. This product is:

  • Biodegradable

  • Silicone Free

  • Non-Flammable

  • Non-Abrasive

  • Phosphate Free

Item# Description Price Quantity
Pitch Rx 16 Oz bottle with sprayer
Pitch Rx 32 Oz bottle with no sprayer (refill)

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3 Piece Wire Brush Set

3 Piece Wire Brush Set
Great for working or cleaning
anything from wood carvings
to metal!

Great for detail work or cleaning anything from metal or even carvings in wood. Perfect for use in your workshop and around the house. Each brush is approximately 7” Long with two bristled areas. The top
area measures approximately 3/8” x 3/8” and the main bristle area measures approximately 1-1/2” x 3/8”. The 3 piece wire brush set includes: 1 each Stainless Steel Brush, 1 each Brass Brush and 1 each Nylon Brush


Item# Description Price Quantity
3 Piece Wire Brush Set
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