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Angle Checker

Angle Checker

Check the angles for knives, carving tools, chisels, plane blades, gouges, heavy duty mortise chisels, axes and much more with this gauge. Quick, easy reading of 8 different blade angles including :

  • 15°
  • 20°
  • 25°
  • 30°
  • 35°
  • 45°
  • 50°
  • 70 °

Note: Tools not included


Item# Description Price Quantity
1259 Angle Checker $4.99

Turning Tool Angle Gauge

Turning Tool Angle Gauge

The brass Turning Angle Guage has eight different angles cut out gor easy and quick angle identification. The angles are used for certain turning tools, but may also be used at your own discretion or prference. This gauge is the ideal way to measure for consistant engle grinds on your turning tools while sharpening.


Recommended Angle Turning Tool
30° Spindle Gouges
(for aggressive detailing)
37° Skew Chisels
40° Spindle Gouges
45° Bowl Gouges
50° Roughing Gouges
55° Bowl Gouges
60° Bowl Gouges
(Blounted for strong cutting edge)
82° Bowl Scrapers
Item# Description Price Quantity
7574 Turning Tool Angle Gauge $7.99

Turning Tool Angle Checker

Turning Tool Angle Checker
Turning Tool Angle Checker Turning Tool Angle Checker Turning Tool Angle Checker

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could pick up any HSS lathe gouge you own and reproduce that grind exactly every time? Well now you can and it is easy with the Turning Tool Sharpening Gauge. The turning Tool Sharpening Gauge allows you to record the exact setting of your turning tool grind and reset your sharpening jig as needed. Simply sharpen your turning tool to the desired setting and once you're finished, set the gauge on your gauge, lock in place and record the setting.

: Grinder & Tool Holder Not Included

Item# Description Price Quantity
7569 Turning Tool Angle Checker $14.99

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