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Large Easy Core™ Coring Systems & Knife Sets

Large Easy Core Coring Systems Base Set


Coring doesn't have to be a scary, unnerving experience anymore. Even novice turners with a bit of instruction (instructional video is supplied with the system), can easily remove several bowls from one blank. Get the most from your expensive burl or bowl blank, while not feeling exhausted at the end of the process. You will have lots of energy left to core more bowls or turn that piece you've been waiting to get your hands on for the last month.

The Easy-Core Coring System is comprised of two main parts:

  • Base Set
  • Knife Sets
Base Set
The Base Set needed is determined by the swing of the lathe. The swing is the distance from the middle of the spindle to the bed multiplied by two (i.e. a 2436 lathe has a 24" swing and therefore requires a 24" Base Set). Any size lathe from 16" to 26" swing (with flat bedways) can be accommodated with the Easy-Core Coring System. A Clamp Block (packaged separately) is included with the Base Unit. This will also vary from lathe to lathe. To determine the size of the Clamp Block needed, measure the distance between the bedways. This GAP determines the Clamp Block required.
Item# Description Price Quantity
7722 16" Large Easy Core™ Coring Systems Base Set - 3203 $184.99
7723 20" Large Easy Core™ Coring Systems Base Set - 3207 $184.99
7724 24" Large Easy Core™ Coring Systems Base Set - 3211 $184.99
7729 Extra Cutter For the Easy Core™ Coring System - 3106 $35.99

Knife Sets
The Knife Sets determine what size bowl blanks can be cored. There are four knife sets available for a complete system. These Knife Sets can be purchased separately. The Knives are made from quality materials to ensure they hold up to the task at hand. The support fingers for knife sets #1 & #2 are constructed using 60,000 lb tensile carbon steel, whereas the support fingers for knife sets #3 & #4 are made from 100,000 lb chrome nickel steel. Each Knife Set includes a knife, support, and cutter. Cutters are replaceable and easily sharpened on a bench grinder platform. The cutters are made from HSS CPM M4 - the same steel used to make our Mastercut Turning Tools - providing excellent cutter life.
Item# Description Price Quantity
7725 9" Knife Set for Easy Core System - 3199 $154.99
7726 11-1/2" Knife Set for Easy Core System - 3200 $164.99
7727 13-1/4" Knife Set for Easy Core System - 3201 $174.99
7728 16-1/4" Knife Set for Easy Core System - 3202 $194.99

Cutter Sharpening Jig for Easy Core™ Coring Systems

Cutter Sharpening Jig for Easy Core™ Coring Systems

Looking for an easy way to sharpen your coring cutters? Look no further. We have created a little jig that allows you to easily recreate the grind on your Easy-Core™ cutters. It also acts as an applicator, meaning your meaning your fingers are further away from the grinder wheel. Simply remove the cutter from the knife, install it in the jig and follow the instructions provided. This nifty jig quickens the sharpening process ultimately saving you both time and money.

Item# Description Price Quantity
7730 Cutter Sharpening Jig - 3677 $23.99

Clamp Blocks for Coring System

One Way Clamp Block

Oneway clamp blocks are used to mount the Oneway Spindle Steady, Bowl Steady & EasyCore system to your lathe. To determine the clamp block you need, measure the gap between the ways of your lathe. The bed width size for some common lathes are listed in the drop-down menu under Product Options above.

Item# Description Price Quantity
7731 One Way 1-1/4" Clamp Block - 3154-125 $17.99
7732 One Way 1-1/2" Clamp Block - 3154-143 $17.99
7733 One Way 1-5/8" Clamp Block - 3154-156 $17.99
7734 One Way 1-3/4" Clamp Block - 3154-169 $17.99
7735 One Way 1-7/8" Clamp Block - 3154-181 $17.99
7736 One Way 2" Clamp Block - 3154-194 $17.99
7737 One Way 2-1/2" Clamp Block - 3154-244 $17.99

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