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Big Ben Cigar Twist Pen Kits

24kt Gold Pen Kit Rhodium Pen Kit
Brushed Satin Pen Kit Gun Metal Pen Kit

Get your hands on this big, handsome, powerfully built writing instrument that are perfect for anyone who likes a more substantial pen. Putting your signature on one of the Big Ben pens is as easy as choosing your favorite material.



Type: Ballpoint Twist Pen
Tubes: 2
How Turned: Pen Mandrel
Drill Sizes used: 10mm Dril Bit
Skill Level: Average
Blank Size: 3/4" x 4-1/2"
Refill Type: Parker Style black ink
Compatible Tube Sizes: 10mm
Bushings Needed: Item #7041


Note: Pen Kits Only, Pen blanks not included.

#7040 #7330 #7331 #7332
Item# Description 1 each 10 or more 20 or more Quantity
24kt Gold Pen Kit
$7.99 $7.79 ea. $7.59 ea.
Rhodium Pen Kit
$9.99 $9.79 ea. $9.59 ea.
Brushed Satin Pen Kit
$7.99 $7.79 ea. $7.59 ea.
Gun Metal Pen Kit
$7.99 $7.79 ea. $7.59 ea.

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Big Ben Cigar Pen Kit Bushing Set

Big Ben Pen Kit Bushing Set

These bushing are for Big Ben Cigar Pens twist & click pen kits.



Projects Used On: Big Ben Styles
Compatible Tube Sizes: 10mm
Pieces in Set: 3


Item# Description Price Quantity
Big Ben Pen Kit Bushing Set - 3pc PKBIG-BU

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HSS Bradpoint Drill Bits for Big Ben Cigar Pen Kits

HSS Bradpoint Drill Bits for Tycoon Pen Kits

Brad point drill bits are the best choice for drilling wood and these drill bits are perfect for drilling pen blanks. High Speed Steel for accuracy and sharpness, and feature extra long center point. The center point is actually a continuation of the flutes and bores rather than being pushed through the work piece. The 10mm" Drill Bit are needed for Big Ben Cigar pen kits.

Item# Description Price Quantity
10mm HSS Bradpoint Drill Bit

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