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Table Saw Taper Jig

When you need to make that slightly angled cut that is to long for your miter or chop saw, use the taper jig to make the job easier. Constructed of aluminum, this taper jig includes a built in scale & is fully adjustable. Can be assembled either right or left hand use. Overall length is a generous 24" with a 3" taper per foot.

  • Aluminum construction with built in scale and fully adjustable
  • Backside stop to hold wood in place
  • Can be assembled for either left or right hand use.
  • 3" taper per foot with overall length is generous 24"
  • Use with your rip fence to cut tapers up to 15 degrees
Item# Description Price Quantity
1254 Table Saw Taper Jig $28.99

In-Line Industries
Dubby Taper Jig

Dubby Taper Jig
Dubby Taper Jig Dubby Taper Jig Dubby Taper Jig Dubby Taper Jig
Dubby Taper Jig Dubby Taper Jig Dubby Taper Jig Dubby Taper Jig


Does Not fit Jet Super saws or Shopsmith saws

This taper jig will allow you to make one the most difficult table saw cuts much easier! The Dubby Taper Jig not only works well, it's simple in design and simple to use. Constructed of 5/8" MDF composite material, the platform is designed to lay flat and true on your table saw for precise cuts. The melamine surface on both top and bottom provide a smooth run from start to finish. An aluminum anodized extruded fence allows for adjustments up to 12" wide. When using the taper jig you will simply mark your stock at each end for you desired widths you want the wood to be cut to. Place the stock on top of the platform, and adjust the fence accordingly. It's that simple. Better yet, the jig comes with two completely adjustable, heavy duty hold down clamps to keep the stock in place during the cutting process and it also includes a handy stop device for repetitive cuts.


  • Melamine Sled
  • Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Fence
  • Heavy Duty Hold Downs
  • Steel Miter Bar
  • Easy to read increments embeded tape
  • Adjustable Stop for repeatable cuts
Item# Description Price Quantity
3170 Dubby Taper Jig $119.99




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Cutting-egde Tapers. The PRECISION, SAFETY, and CONTROL of the MICRODIAL Tapering Jig advances your woodworking with ease. Cut tapers with surgical precision using the intuitive COLORMATCH system. Enjoy hassle-free adjustments between repeat cuts with built-in MEMORYLOCK technology. Revolutionize your results with the most precise, versatile tapering jig on the market.

Tapers in three simple steps.

  1. SET THE ANGLE Set by degree, rise over run, or to a line.
  2. SET YOUR FENCE and lock into place.
  3. MAKE YOUR CUT The MICRODIAL will glide against the fence while holding the angle you set.
Item# Description Price Quantity
2906 MICRODIAL Taper Jig (Jig Only) $139.99
2907 MICRODIAL Taper Jig
with One 200 Advanced Micro Jig Gripper

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